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The Grit Kit is a 1 month class-room meditation challenge designed for Elementary School classes (K-7).


At the beginning of the month, a Grit facilitator will visit your classroom to drop off your Grit Kit and give an intro to meditation.

Each day for a month, students listen to a meditation from our free Grit Vancouver app and cross off a box on their challenge card. (It’s our hope that teachers will also take part in the challenge to give them a well-deserved break in the day).


At the end of the month, your facilitator well re-visit the classroom with prizes for everyone!


We know that meditation is proven to improve our mental health by promoting pre-frontal cortex activity, thereby giving us the tools to self-regulate. A daily 5-minute brain boost will give your classroom some calm well-being while promoting teamwork working toward a common goal. After 20 days of mediation, your students will have grown important neuro-pathways that will allow them to find calm and quiet with ease and eager-ness.


Your Grit Kit includes:


  • Grit Kit lunchbox with challenge cards for each student + teacher

  • Visit on first day + last day of challenge from Grit facilitator (approx 30 min)

  • Prizes for all upon completion

  • Access to 20 specific Grit Kit meditations 



Contact us with questions and to book your challenge!

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