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Grit is all about brain-health and soul-resilience. We teach kids how to make it through the rough times in life with the least impact on their mental health. So what is Grit for Parents? It’s basically what we teach kids in Grit, but from an adult perspective. It’s designed to help you raise young humans in mindful way that will promote healthy happy brains as they navigate the highs and lows of life [basically, this 4-week program is all the things I wish I had knows sooner in raising humans].


Here’s what we have planned.

Week 1

Neuro-science 101:

what happens in our brains when we are anxious?

why is there an anxiety epidemic amongst youth today?

how do kids brain develop?

how do we help train our kids’ brains (and our own) to promote good mental hygiene?


Week 2

Self-Regulation via Co-regulation:

why is self-regulation important to our personal well-being?

what is co-regulation?

what is the sequence of engagement for co-regulation with someone in an agitated state?

how can we co-regulate with someone with a neuro-divergent brain?


Week 3

Playground Politics:

what is relational aggression?

how can kids stand up for themselves?

when to step in as a parent and when to let them solve it themselves?

what are some techniques for diffusing bullying behaviour?


Week 4

Smart phones v. Kids’ Brains

how do phones affect the neuro-anatomical development of brains?

what are the consequences of early smart phone use?

what are some practical ideas for navigating the when and the how?


Each week will also feature our own 10 minute brain-train session (no sense just taking care of our kids’ brains), lots of time for workshopping ideas together, and an on-line manual for your on-going reference. In addition, each week will be recorded and available to you if you need to miss it.


Join us for a heart-felt + science led dive into our kids’ brains. And spoiler alert - it’s all pretty relevant to our own sweet brains as well. Winner winner chicken dinner.


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