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Grit in Schools

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Grit for students

School can be...a lot. On top of the social and academic elements, this is a period of time when students are encouraged to explore their identities, express their dreams, and create a world in which they can grow. Grit in Schools will help give them the tools to handle the harder emotions in life, self-regulate, build strong and healthy relationships, and see themselves through a lens of compassion and encouragement. 
Topics include:

  • Anxiety

  • Identity

  • Coping Skills

  • Friendships / Relational Aggression


We are now open for bookings for Spring 2024 for in-class Grit Workshops.


Lunch Grit is a 4-week workshop held at lunch in your kiddo’s school. In it, we un-pack how to be a happier human at school. We find tools for finding calm in stressful situations, we navigate our way through the landmine of tricky friendships, we deal with the pressure of expectations, we laugh - we create - we move our bodies. It’s the perfect break for half-way through the day.

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Grit for Parents

Growing up can be difficult and raising someone who is (rapidly!) growing can be difficult too. With Grit, we can learn the skills to regulate our emotions, help our brains, and in turn help our kids when the world feels a little too loud. We run one-off workshops for parents focussing on our kids' mental health as well as our own.

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Grit for teachers

You are helping raise a generation of people, and because that job is not an easy one, you should have all the tools in your toolbox that you may need. 

In Grit in Schools - Teachers, we'll learn how to assist in the brain-health and emotional wellbeing of the people we teach, and also explore ways in which we can self-regulate and support our own mental health. 

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4-week workshops

for gr. 4-7 (in person)

We are now open for bookings for Fall 2024

for in-class Grit Workshops.

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